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HPL, FS and I

I joined RDS nearly 3 years ago and since then, I have been on a HPL learning journey with the staff, students and parents of RDS growing, learning and using new HPL skills myself. Teaching children to use these High Performance Learning skills, and articulate how and why they have used the skills, has shown the capacity children have to not only learn facts or information, but lifelong skills that they will carry with them and develop all the way through to their adult life.

I found, when teaching my children these skills, that they have been able to access the learning at a deeper level and become more independent in their learning. The children are beginning to recognise themselves which skill we will be needing this lesson, which is fantastic to see and hear.

We are constantly using these skills through our adult life: making connections, reflecting on decisions, working collaboratively with others along and many more. Children are being taught how to use these skills and this is allowing them to grow and develop into High performance learners.

I am currently working in FS2 and have created a HPL curriculum for FS1 and FS2 children. We have created the HPL characters to support the younger children to use the correct vocabulary and recognise when they are using a particular High performance learning skill. Have a look at our characters below.

Please follow our blog for more updates about HPL at RDS.

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