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HPL In Our RDS Community

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

It was so lovely to catch up with one of our parents today about HPL. Her children have been teaching her the skills and we have been discussing what they look like to her. I hope you enjoy reading our chat!

In your daily life, when would you use the HPL skills?

Without thinking about it, the HPL skills form the basis to everyday life. Reflecting on my morning, I use plenty of skills before coming into school. As a family, we need to use speed and accuracy to get organized in morning. It is also important to strategy plan so that nothing is missed. I also had to persevere to get my girls out of bed this morning as it took 3 attempts!

Which skill have you used recently that you do not use frequently?

Having recently interviewed for a new job, I used risk-taking in my new venture. Teaching is something that I have always wanted to try out so it was great to have the opportunity. Risk taking is an interesting skill that develops over time. You have to choose your risks wisely. For example, you wouldn’t risk crossing a road without looking. It is about analysing situations and looking at potential outcomes. I think this skill is developed over time as you are involved in more situations.

Is there any specific time when you have seen your children applying what they have learnt through HPL?

My daughter was recently involved in the tennis tournament as a “ball kid”. She had to practise a lot and she showed excellent perseverance when she found it hard. Initially, she didn’t gel well with her team captain. He was very bossy to the other children. I had a chat with her about being open minded around him and seeing his perspective. We spoke about why he may be feeling like that and she saw the situation in a positive manor after our conversation. She overcame many challenges while taking part in this event. She felt like giving up at the beginning but by the end her confidence had grown and she didn’t want it to be over. She had excellent resilience and she overcame her nervousness in front of 5000. She also developed a new skill and built her automaticity with the things she was taught. I was very proud of her.

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